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We offer more than just funding, we help develop and grow the best ideas, the smartest people and interesting businesses

Everything you need to start, grow or exit your business.

For over 15 years we've helped businesses to start, grow and exit using a variety of techniques designed to speed up every step of the process. Whether you're starting with an idea or you have a business you're ready to start growing and scaling in a serious way, we have the expertise and experience to help you hit your goals.
It's not always about funding, although in most cases it's a great help, sometimes it's about know what to do and having the contacts to make it happen. Aside from funding, we can provide a full range of support services from our existing portfolio including sales, marketing, finance and administration support to help easy the day to day pressure.


We're more interested in the person than the profit. All investments are based upon the potential to disrupt and innovate.

Everything you need to plan, launch, grow and exit your business.


Robust planning which increases the chance of success


Support and guidance to grow faster even in tough conditions


Matching your business with potential buyers from our list of contacts

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